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The linkies post

Some of you will come by looking for resources. Here's what I have for you:

Tarot stuff:

Non-live readings (note: NOT as good as working with a human reader): Facade. Also includes other types of readings. A fair primer to see how various simple layouts work, and to see how card meanings are put together, but not nuanced really.

Best EVAH place to purchase tarot cards: Tarot Garden. Has great selection of in-stock cards, and also a section of rare cards for sale. Some of these are so lovely and expensive they will break your heart. If you are chasing after an uber-rare that is impossible to find, you can also hire their search team to try to chase it down for you.

Another source for decks that I like is Aeclectic Tarot. This is a close second to the Tarot Garden site above.

Really nifty site on the history of tarot.

Example of one person's interpretation of the meanings of each card. As you read longer, you will come to have your own base interpretations of the cards (although it is likely they will be at least somewhat similar to other readers' -- unlikely anyone ever reads the Tower as "status quo will continue"!). Neat to see someone's idiosyncratic take, even if I might not interpret in the exact same manner.

Some basic tarot spreads. This will seem like a LOT to some but there are so many, many ways to read cards. Some folks argue that you need to know a bunch of reading spreads, others say that if you know two or three good ones you can get most of what you'll need done just fine. I think it is probably a matter of personal preference and need. Regardless of where you stand, this site will get you started. If you are like me, some spreads will sort of 'take' and read well for you, others will feel forced and you won't like them so well and they won't read clear. I do not know why this is, only that there are a few spreads I tend to avoid because it is like a channel that doesn't quite come in on the radio. If a layout feels forced or off to you, try it a few times then (and this is just my opinion) bag it.

Other supplies places I like:

My favorite source for annointing oils, powders, and washes is Karma Zain spritual supplies. She can sometimes do custom orders, also, although this is subject to how busy she is at the time. Check out also the link to her ebay storefront.

The Lucky Mojo storefront, Cat Yronwode's place. Supplies, and an amazingly comprehensive compendium of instructions for Hoodoo workings (note: please do not confuse Hoodoo with Voodoo or Voudon. Not the same thing.)

New Orleans Mistic supplies, nice for Catholic, Voudon, Santeria, Hoodoo, go see.

Voudon/Voodoo info:

An article on Erzulie Danto aka Ezili Dantor, Danthor, etc. BTW, Kevin Filan is aka Kenaz Filan, has written one of the better primers for working with the lwa, and is here on LJ as kenazf.

Interesting but sadly not updated since March blog on working with the lwa and the Haitian voudon tradition

Over at Louise's Juke Joint, we have Skully Elly's shop. Neat stuff. IMHO, KarmaZain does altars of equivalent quality though, so do comparison shop.

Article on Voudon art, academic tone but well worth the read.


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Jan. 11th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks!
Jan. 11th, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
It's only the truth, lady. Your stuff = great value, BIG bang for buck. When things calm down, I gotta get me some Ctrl-Alt-Smite. :)
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