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Readings rates

To make this easier, and to keep it separate from kasamba (so that I don't lose my mind), just message me to ask for a read.  To message me, hover over my icon.  It will give you the option of sending message or adding friend.  Click send message, then proceed like it was email.

I'm very economical compared to many folks out there, and am very thorough. 

The linkies post

Some of you will come by looking for resources. Here's what I have for you:

Tarot stuff:

Non-live readings (note: NOT as good as working with a human reader): Facade. Also includes other types of readings. A fair primer to see how various simple layouts work, and to see how card meanings are put together, but not nuanced really.

Best EVAH place to purchase tarot cards: Tarot Garden. Has great selection of in-stock cards, and also a section of rare cards for sale. Some of these are so lovely and expensive they will break your heart. If you are chasing after an uber-rare that is impossible to find, you can also hire their search team to try to chase it down for you.

Another source for decks that I like is Aeclectic Tarot. This is a close second to the Tarot Garden site above.

Really nifty site on the history of tarot.

Example of one person's interpretation of the meanings of each card. As you read longer, you will come to have your own base interpretations of the cards (although it is likely they will be at least somewhat similar to other readers' -- unlikely anyone ever reads the Tower as "status quo will continue"!). Neat to see someone's idiosyncratic take, even if I might not interpret in the exact same manner.

Some basic tarot spreads. This will seem like a LOT to some but there are so many, many ways to read cards. Some folks argue that you need to know a bunch of reading spreads, others say that if you know two or three good ones you can get most of what you'll need done just fine. I think it is probably a matter of personal preference and need. Regardless of where you stand, this site will get you started. If you are like me, some spreads will sort of 'take' and read well for you, others will feel forced and you won't like them so well and they won't read clear. I do not know why this is, only that there are a few spreads I tend to avoid because it is like a channel that doesn't quite come in on the radio. If a layout feels forced or off to you, try it a few times then (and this is just my opinion) bag it.

Other supplies places I like:

My favorite source for annointing oils, powders, and washes is Karma Zain spritual supplies. She can sometimes do custom orders, also, although this is subject to how busy she is at the time. Check out also the link to her ebay storefront.

The Lucky Mojo storefront, Cat Yronwode's place. Supplies, and an amazingly comprehensive compendium of instructions for Hoodoo workings (note: please do not confuse Hoodoo with Voodoo or Voudon. Not the same thing.)

New Orleans Mistic supplies, nice for Catholic, Voudon, Santeria, Hoodoo, go see.

Voudon/Voodoo info:

An article on Erzulie Danto aka Ezili Dantor, Danthor, etc. BTW, Kevin Filan is aka Kenaz Filan, has written one of the better primers for working with the lwa, and is here on LJ as kenazf.

Interesting but sadly not updated since March blog on working with the lwa and the Haitian voudon tradition

Over at Louise's Juke Joint, we have Skully Elly's shop. Neat stuff. IMHO, KarmaZain does altars of equivalent quality though, so do comparison shop.

Article on Voudon art, academic tone but well worth the read.

Still alive, still reading.

I'm pretty busy these days, but do have a couple reading slots available. I will be checking messages here a couple times a week - so if you message and don't get a response right away that's what's up. Likely I'll be checking on Saturdays, and once or twice during the week also.


A huge collection of modern tarot decks. Simply astounding.

I wish there were more detailed pics of cards, but still. What is there is really mindblowing.

I have not disappeared......

In my "must pay the bills" day job, I teach. This is the first week of Spring term. I am fragged within an inch of my life. I'm getting some readings done but only for clients, no fun readings just for me that I can post. I'm also playing with a couple new decks that I will be sharing with you all, but that is going to have to wait until I am a bit more coherent. The first week or two of a new term, not even coffee can save me.

*le sigh*

I leave you with this observation (which, when I am less tired, may seem less profound -- We Shall See): when I read tired? It energises me. Which seems weird, because when I read when I am not tired it will tire me out some. But it is the good tired of a day of activity, the kind that gives you the sort of sleep where you drop off like a stone into clear dreamless ease and then it is morning. Which is odd, since it is prompted by my sitting on my butt and handling cards.

Jan. 13th, 2008

I just got my Tarot of the Dead the other day. In looking through it, I found that all of the cards but one feature skeletons (as I had expected). What I didn't expect? The card that isn't a skeleton is not labeled -- in most decks it would have been labeled "Death" -- and in this deck, it is a fully fleshed pregnant woman holding her bulging belly.

I love that on so many levels.

The cards say LULZ are in your future

Thanks to whitephoenix for the link to what may be the funniest review ever of means of divination.

Saving the link for when I lose my sense of humor about all of this. Anyone else have funny relevant tidbits, please don't hesitate to share.


My take on folks who follow various paths

It occurs to me that based on some of the comments in a previous post I ought to clarify something just real quick. I have been Wiccan in the past, practiced actively for 10+ years but then stopped because I felt sort of foolish. This does not mean that I think everyone who practices Wicca is foolish. Nor do I think that most pagans are "fluffy bunny" pagans. I am fine with any and all of the following and then some:

Heathen/Asatru, Feri, Wicca, Dianic, Ecclectic, Gnostic, Voudon, Candomble, Santeria, Christian, Cathar, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc etc etc etc.

I don't particularly care what an individual's path is. It does not bother me how you practice your thingy, either. You can worship the pantheon of one system, pick and choose among many, pray to your One True God. All good.

Where I start getting tetchy is when folks start pointing at others and saying "that ain't the way." If you want to choose whatever aspect of a diety you pray to and pluck what you want from four or five various religious systems, or if you learned your system of worship from a book published three years ago, or if you are truly a third-generation practitioner of Whateveritis, cool. But don't tell someone that they can't pray their way, that they can't access the divine in their own fashion -- or choose not to engage the divine consciously at all -- or they are wrong/stupid/evil/etc. Don't tell a white serviteur that they "can't" practice voudon if they haven't gone to Haiti and taken the assan. Don't tell someone that if they haven't studied for xx years they can't pray to so-and-so.

But, you say, they can't! It's irresponsible, they're in over their head, they're going to get smacked. They don't have the knowledge to pdq! It is not appropriate for them to abc! I'm concerned! No, actually, I'm offended!.

Well. Since clearly you have been designated God's bouncer, come on over. You're officially hired. You get to spend a good cut of time advising people, kindly and without judgement, such that they can better understand their own path and learn where to find the knowledge and skills to better follow it. You'll want to free up your calendar some.

This doesn't mean that I don't recognize that some practitioners don't have full grasp yet of what they are doing. My own pet peeve is folks who confuse hoodoo with voudon, or Hollywood-movie-style voodoo with voudon. But if you are going to criticize, you'd better teach. It's a bit like complaining about the presidential election -- if you didn't vote, you don't get to fuss. If you don't help to kindly dispell ignorance while making room for disagreement, best to keep your opinions off of others' practice.
That would seem self-evident. Cards are made of a stiff paper, printed with ink (most in color, some in black and white), and then lightly coated to make them a bit more resistant to dirt and moisture. That's all. They need to be handled with reasonable care, for instance don't leave them outside. Don't let your teething baby play with them. That sort of thing.

However, they are not cards printed with the blood of unicorns and basilisks on parchment made from the wings of Luna moths.

It makes me sad and puzzled to see so many superstitions going around about tarot cards and how to treat them. Newcomers to the practice are especially concerned. Thanks to communities here on LJ and other locations, at least they have somewhere to come and ask about their fears, but not all new readers are on LJ. So, some folks still believe:

1. I cannot buy my own deck of cards. If I do, I _________________________________. (Fill in with one of the following: will have bad luck, will not be able to read with the cards, will damage my chakra/intuitive ability/mojo whatever.)
2. The cards should not ever be ___________________________________________. (Fill in with perfectly reasonable activity taken out of context, such as: touched by someone else, or used without a silk/velvet/magical/whatever cloth under them, used when user is tired or ill, used for more than one reading/one querent without being cleansed through some lengthy and arcane process, put away without being painstakingly reordered as though new from factory, etc.)

Good heavens. It is a wonder that anyone these days ever gets a deck, let alone reads it! Tarot decks are cards. They are a tool, used for arcane but ideally practical purpose. Like any useful object, it is best to treat them with reasonable respect so as not to impair their usefulness.

Like any object through which someone works with (energy, mojo, magick, I don't care what you call it), the intent and belief of the one doing the working comes heavily into play. That to me is the saddest part of all of these limiting beliefs. If you are convinced that a deck you purchased yourself will never read true for you, then it won't. If you believe that you can't read with insight and accuracy unless you meditate, clear yourself of any angry or upset emotions, and take a ritual bath before touching the cards, you likely can't.

Why would anyone choose to limit themselves in this manner?

Some proscriptions are born of practicality and manners. Currently a discussion on one of the tarot forums here on LJ is delineating whether anyone other than the reader should touch a deck, and under what circumstances. The idea that "no one" should touch cards, it seems to be agreed, comes out of the understanding that it is just plain bad form to rifle through a user's tools without permission. The whole grabby "oooh, shiny!" reaction, where a nonuser grabs a deck and fans them out to see the pretty pictures, is a bit weird and leaves some readers feeling uncomfy. But does this somehow damage the cards? Newp! Just do what you feel you need to do to get comfortable with the cards again, and you are good to go.

I also wonder if there isn't a proscription against touching cards and other such tools because of the unfortunate history of persecution linked to arcane and misunderstood practices. Tarot has been around a loooong time, long enough that if the wrong person pulled out a cloth-wrapped bundle that belonged to you and saw that it had fortune-telling witchery cards in it, then (gasp!) a WITCH! Predictably unfortunate results for you, my friend. If this is the case, the warning against allowing anyone to touch cards would serve handily as a way to make sure that cards were kept hidden, and that anyone who might come for a consult would not actually have had the cards in hand, possibly (hopefully?) preventing them from being able to testify with detail and certainty to their content. This is just my curiosity speaking here, of course. If anyone knows of historical references on tarot that explain modern superstitions, I would love it if you would post links or citations below. ETA: The discussion in comments is leading me to believe that I am probably misguided on this last para. The history doesn't suggest this strongly, although I still wonder. Chime in folks! Why fear of or for cards, then?


Jan. 10th, 2008

I love when your purpose and intent match with whatever it is that should happen, and you enter that sort of slipstream momentarily when things get easier. About two weeks ago, I decided that I would add to my tarot collection, and figured to be patient since my funds available for this purpose didn't match the plan.

Sat back, and got out of my own way. Figured, it'll happen. Let go of when, and quit worrying about how. And in the past three days, I have been offered or given three decks, perfect for me, for little to nothing.


Need to get some flowers, to give thanks to Papa and Dr. B and Dantor while giving Expedite the rest of his poundcake offering. I think Papa is going to need some more keys pretty soon also.

Working on the plan for an Ogou bottle for a friend. I'll know the right bottle when it jumps out at me. I have some sketches drawn, but I need to figure whether some of my plans would complicate shipping....

Trying to figure out who the green oval bottle is for. It is a WONDERFUL shaped bottle, and I am saving it until it gets "claimed". Sooner or later, someone (or 'someone') will chime in and solve the issue.