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Annie O'Laughlin (oh "LOCK" linn)

I have these seventy-eight cards here...

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Hi there. I read tarot, and advise people who are in transition in their lives. I first started reading tarot in 1990, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to advise a good number of people since then.

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A few words on what I can and can't do:

*When I read tarot, I am using a very old system of images and corresponding meanings to access the subconscious and to better understand circumstances and patterns that are at play in someone's life. Because of this, I can generally get an idea of the influences and past events that have produced a given situation, steps to take or to avoid in dealing with these events, and the most likely possible outcomes given the current state of affairs.

* I cannot magically "see" the future. I operate on intuition and this is how I read. If you are hoping for someone who can see a mental movie of your situation or trouble, a la the television show Medium, you will probably want to go elsewhere. Parlour trick readings where I most amazingly can tell you the name of your best friend from kindergarten? Aren't going to happen.

* Every person with a talent has some aspects of their skillset that are stronger than others. Painters often specialize in a given subject matter, attorneys will pass the bar for their state but will practice law in their area of particular skill. I am the same. While I am able to read on any general topic, and will do so if asked, my particular strengths are in dealing with questions related to interpersonal dynamics. Relationship questions, family issues and dynamics, workplace conflict or politics, all fall within this overall genre.

* I am honest and compassionate, but will not shine you on. Please, if you ask me a question, be sure that you want to know the answer. I will answer with what I see in the cards, whether or not it is what you are hoping to hear.

And a bit on what I believe tarot is and is not:

* Tarot is a way for us to trick the higher mind into letting go of the rules, beliefs, and "that's not possible!"s of our daily lives so that we can access deeper knowledge. The images and correspondences of the cards, IMHO, tap into a fundamental understanding of human nature and larger forces such as passion, freedom, justice, and inspiration, and make this understanding roughly translatable to our conscious minds so that we can make use of and share what we learn.

* Tarot is NOT an inherently good or inherently evil tool. It is what it is -- a tool. I have seen people use tarot for others' good, and others who have misused their skills. Like a hammer that can be used to build a house or break a bone, tarot as a tool is only as good as the reader intends. That having been said, please do not contact me in a sweet but misguided effort to "save" me. God and I get on just fine. Promise.

* Tarot will not "reveal YOUR HIDDEN DESTINY AND YOUR CERTAIN FUTURE!" to you. It may seem comforting to believe that a system of divination could do such a thing, but in reality that would mean that we as individuals had little to no say over the direction of our lives. This I do not believe. A tarot reading will give a better understanding of how you have come to be where you are, and what you might do to change paths (if you want to) or to take best advantage of the benefits you already have. But nothing is predetermined! A 'future' path told in a reading is only a possibility. Actions and choices are what shape futures. Please consider the future information in a reading to be well-informed advice, or a hint at the bigger picture. Ideally a reading makes a person feel more prepared to deal on a practical, mundane level with life events. Your motto, should you choose to accept it: Forewarned is forearmed.

I will be posting here on various esoteric matters, but at least for starters I will be concentrating on tarot. If you are interested in getting a reading from me, please check out my ratings post. Also, each month I will be doing two free readings, chosen at random, which will be posted in this journal, so that others can see how a reading develops and is reported. If you are interested in getting a free reading, send an email with the subject line "free reading" to annieolaughlin@gmail.com. Please remember though: if your question is chosen, your reading will be posted to this journal! It is a lot like writing to Dear Abby, in that you don't want to ask anything horrifying or that you would be unwilling to share in even the most general terms. I will of course not publish your name with your reading, and will assign you a pseudonym other than your LJ or blog handle if you do not provide one for me to use. Also, I ask that you change the names of all persons mentioned in the question you ask, and that you acknowledge this by adding the line "All names have been changed" at the end of your email.

All-purpose, common-sense disclaimer: if I read for you, you are still responsible for your own life and your own outcomes. Tarot should not be a substitute for mental health care, legal advice, or marital counseling. By asking for my services you agree to hold me harmless for any results that come from your interpretations of the reading report or from your actions or inactions on the matters you ask me about. Also, I do NOT do readings for minors. If you request a reading, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age.

Recent comments about readings I have done:

Ms. O'Laughlin,

I would really like to thank you for your tarot reading on my questions regarding my job and school situation. I have had many tarot readings in the past and it’s rare that someone hits the nail so on the head as you did. In fact, I was absolutely amazed!

Thanks again for the great job!

~Mel (from melsmarsh)

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